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The Best Way To Save Money On Gifts This Holiday

October 21, 202010 min read

The Best Way To Save Money On Gifts This Holiday

Not just save money but make extra money too!

What’s better than saving money on your holiday shopping and watching your friends’ and family’s eyes light up when they open your gifts?

How about making extra money for every gift you buy and getting something special to pamper yourself too?

Since I started using this system for buying gifts, I:

- haven’t paid for laundry detergent (2 years now) because I get it delivered free to my front door every 2 months

- save money on common everyday household items by buying wholesale which is typically 25% less than retail prices

- get a free gift in the mail every month which I can keep for myself or save for the next gift-giving spree

It truly is the best way to give gifts on a budget that I’ve ever found.

Want to know my secret?

Give Gifts That Give Back

Every November, I spend around $250 on gifts for friends, family, and my husband’s coworkers and their spouses. It works out to roughly $30/person, so you could easily buy gifts for 6 people for under $200 using this method.

In addition to the $250 worth of products I buy, I get ~$75 worth of points towards free products in December. (It works out to roughly $3 for every $10 spent.)

I usually spend that on things we’ll need around the house in January, like household cleaners, bug repellents, supplements, probiotics, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, and things of that sort.

I pay $8 shipping total per shipment (one in Nov. and one in Dec.) and I get that back in the form of points too. (If you’re in the U.S., shipping is only $4 per shipment and you also get 100% back as points.)

Everything arrives a few weeks later with plenty of time to wrap gifts and write personal notes. 

Usually, 4 or 5 of our friends who receive these gifts enjoy them so much that they want refills once the gift runs out, so they reach out to me for more.

When that happens, I earn money (not just points) for every dollar they spend on the purchases they make (a few items are exempt, but most are included).

Guess what happens when those same people use this method to save money next holiday season?

Yep, that’s right - they make money and get free products too. Which makes them incredibly happy. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

It’s such a great deal that others will try to make it sound shady, but it’s not. There’s no trickery here. 

You don’t ever have to sell anything at all. The people you give gifts to never have to buy or sell anything (unless they want to).

You can sign up to buy all your Christmas or other holiday gifts in November and get the monthly free product included in the same shipment. Then sign-in once in December to spend your reward points on more free products and if you never want to place another order, that’s OK too! 

There’s simply no obligation to buy anything ever again, (but you’ll keep your discount for 12 whole months, whether you buy anything or not.)

There are numerous companies that offer these kinds of rewards and returns and I can’t speak for all of them. The one I use is doTERRA because I truly love the products and I love the company and all they do for the planet, farmers, communities, and humans across the world.

Photo of a Christmas tree surrounded by gift-wrapped presents and wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons. The tree is decorated with ornaments and ready for the holidays


I didn’t choose to work with doTERRA randomly, I did my research to make sure they were a company I would be proud to be involved with. And they certainly are. Their products are sourced ethically and responsibly and they create sustainable jobs for people all over the world.

The main reason I use doTERRA is because their products are the highest quality and they’re committed to producing products that are so pure they’re safe to use for therapeutic uses.

Currently, there is no industry certification, so doTERRA created a testing system called CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) because they wanted to set an industry standard for essential oils and they were concerned about the lower quality oils that are widely available.

Many of the oils you see in grocery stores, new age shops, and Amazon are produced using harmful chemicals that the companies aren’t required to list on the label. Which means many of those oils are actually harmful to use! Especially around children and pets.

doTERRA is different. All of their oils are 100% essential oil from the plant they’re derived from, no solvents or chemicals are used in the distillation process, and every plant is grown in the part of the world where that plant grows best. 

So from seed to harvest to distillation, doTERRA is ensuring the most potent and pure products in the world. After distillation, they continue to test to ensure no mould or contamination ends up in the bottle.

No other essential oil company puts this much effort and diligence into their products and as a result, no other company has products that can match the quality of doTERRA products.

The other reason I love doTERRA is the community. Ever since I started using this system, I’ve been surrounded by amazing people who have become dear, close friends. 

doTERRA’s leaders themselves and the doTERRA community support each other year-round, some participate in missionary-style adventures to help rebuild low-income communities that have experienced a natural disaster, while others are hired to build state-of-the-art water filtration systems in areas that don’t have access to clean water.

The doTERRA Community is a worldwide group of givers who enjoy helping others. I’ve never felt such a sense of purpose and success in my life as I have since joining this community.

And of course, there are the quantifiable reasons to love doTERRA too:

- the wholesale discount (typically around 25% off retail prices, though some products are the exception)

- a FREE product each month that you buy in bulk - for holiday gifts or just to stock up at home. Sometimes I keep the free product for myself, sometimes I give it away as a gift.

- 30 cents of free product for every $1 you spend plus 100% of your shipping costs back as points too! So that $8 I spend on shipping becomes $8 in points to spend next month.

- whenever someone wants refills, they can sign up as a wholesale customer and enjoy all of these benefits too. AND you’ll earn actual cash (not just points) as a referral bonus for every product they buy too. Many people (myself included) have turned this into a full-time income!

- doTERRA created the Healing Hands Foundation which they use to donate money and provide volunteer work to communities in need around the world. This company gives back more than any company I’ve ever heard of.

Why people love to receive doTERRA products as gifts

Did you know that doTERRA makes more than just essential oils? It’s true! They also offer a line of spa and salon-style products, luxurious lotions, yummy lip balms, anti-aging skincare products, fancy teas, and more. There are products for the men in your life too!

Everybody loves getting personal care items as gifts. They just feel so luxurious and special which let’s face it, is how we all want to feel. And self-care items are rarely the things we buy for ourselves so they’re a real treat to receive.

The beauty of doTERRA’s products is that they’re therapeutic as well as useful. Each oil has its own physical and emotional benefits. Take Geranium for example. It’s good for dry skin and hair and also has an emotionally calming effect.

You’ll find gift ideas for everyone on your list from your spouse’s boss to your favourite aunt without breaking the bank. Teenage girls love the lip balms. Bearded men love the manly oils like Black Spruce and Eucalyptus for their beards. The Yoga collection of oils is one of my favourite gifts to give and like all of doTERRA’s collections, it comes in a gorgeous gift box packaging. 

My mother-in-law loves her doTERRA diffuser which fills the air with whichever oils match her mood that day. Her diffuser replaced the toxic air fresheners she was previously using and since making the switch, her dog has experienced fewer health problems, less visits to the vet, and is putting on a healthy amount of weight again.

And every holiday season, doTERRA unveils a line of products that make great gifts so there’s always something for everyone on your list. For those who celebrate Christmas, some of the products are small enough to make great stocking stuffers, while others are big enough to stand on their own under the tree.

You’ll find a catalogue full of gift ideas that don’t break the bank or leave you with credit card debt at the start of the New Year!

Want More Free Stuff?

When you sign up using my link, I’ll get an email that lets me know you’ve done so.

I consider every one of my customers to be a very special part of my inner circle and to show my appreciation, I offer a range of bonuses.

Here are some of the things that are exclusive to those who join my inner circle:

Oil Camp - for those who fall in love with essential oils and want to learn ALL about them.

Not sure how essential oils work? No problem, everyone who signs up with my link gets access to Oil Camp (for those who want to have fun while learning) or you can watch one of my free videos that talks about the properties and uses of each oil.

Printables - Recipes, methods for using essential oils, DIY Skincare, and more that you can print out and include with each gift so that your giftee knows exactly what to do with their gift

If you include a PDF of recipes, they’re more likely to use the oils and appreciate them. When you sign up using my link, I’ll give you a list of PDFs you can share.

Ongoing mentorship - for those who have questions a week later, a month later, or a year later, we’ll be there to answer them. And for those who want to turn this into a serious income source, I provide even more support like coaching, mentoring, online courses, and more.

Bonus: for your friends and family who fall in love with their gifts, they may want to join your team and become your customer. You’ll earn cash back on everything they buy from you. (And you don’t need to learn anything about shipping or sales, just give them your link to sign themselves up and everyone enjoys the benefits).

How To Get Started

Ready to spend less on Christmas gifts this year (or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and all the wonderful holidays you celebrate)? Here’s how to get started:

Ready to sign up? Use this link

Or browse the catalogue using this link

If you have any questions, use this link to contact me

Want help creating your first order, to ensure you’re getting the best deals at the best price? Just book a free consultation with me here and we’ll do it together.

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