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Get the best essential oils (and other nontoxic products) on the planet

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There’s a reason I only recommend one brand of essential oils

doTERRA oils are Certified Pure Tested Grade and many are safe to eat/drink. There’s absolutely no hidden ingredients, no toxins, and no alcohol in any of them.

I may sound like a cheerleader but there’s a reason for that. These essential oils really work.

And sure, you can buy essential oils anywhere these days.

But if you want the purest and most potent oils with unbeatable customer service and ongoing support for detoxing your life (and managing the meltdowns) then it’s worth the extra effort to sign up for a doTERRA membership.

I’m not going to lie, signing up with doTERRA can seem a little confusing the first time, but I’m here to help you through it. Just follow each of the steps below and you’ll be fine.

After saying that, if you do have any problems with the sign up process, please get in touch.

Not everyone is as tech-savvy as a 13 year old, and sometimes we can get stuck on something that’s not as difficult as it appears. I’m happy to get on a call to help you through it.

First, choose an option:

Option One

Purchase an enrolment kit and waive the $35/year member fee

Home Essentials Starter Pack

This is the most popular option as it includes 10 of doTERRA’s most popular oils. These give you a good base to start with and will help with stress, relaxation, and digestive issues.

It comes with a diffuser, so you’re good to go as soon as your parcel arrives and it comes with a bottle of fractionated coconut oil so you can dilute the oils to make sure they’re safe for the kids.

With this option, the $35 membership fee is waived.

Option Two

Mix and match the products you want and pay the $35/year member fee

Create your own starter pack.

This may be the better option for you if you already have a diffuser and fractionated coconut oil, or, if you just want to choose your own essential oils to begin with.

It does mean you’ll have to pay the $35 membership fee but you’ll still get ~25% off everything in the catalog plus all the bonuses we offer (just like Option One).

Both Options Come With:

  • ~25% discount on everything you order, everyday, all year
  • membership for one year with no obligation to place another order or do anything to keep your benefits
  • free access to A Gut Instinct’s library of resources to help you use your products successfully and get the most bang for your buck
  • free access to our private community of parents who are learning to detox their home and manage the meltdowns for stress-free quality time with the whole family

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of buying from us instead of Amazon or the grocery store!

doTERRA Sign-up Instructions

Keep this page open while you go through each step

Open this link in a new tab to start the sign up process:

In the top menu bar on that page, click on “Join & Save”

Choose your language and country where the oils will be shipped

Depending on your region, you may be asked to choose “local order” if you live in Australia or “international order” if you live somewhere else.

Hit the CONTINUE button when you’re ready to proceed.

If it asks, choose “wholesale customer”

Please don’t enroll as a Wellness Advocate.

You can always switch to an Advocate later if you like, but it’s best to experience the products first and then decide if sharing them is right for you.

I like to have a chat with people first before they become an Advocate so we can discuss exactly what’s involved and make sure it’s the right fit.

Now it’s time to choose Option 1 or Option 2.

For Option 1, choose from the list of products on this page.

For Option 2, click the button for “Individual Products” instead:

Your details

Enter your personal details.

There’s no need to include your tax information.

My details

“Enroller ID” should already be filled in for you, but if it’s not just enter:


and hit “verify ID.”

Choose a password

Continue with the form and create a password if prompted.

(The site works differently in different countries, that's why there are so many "ifs".)


Make sure you tick the box that says your shipping address is the same as your physical address.

(Or enter the shipping details if it’s not.)

Almost done!

Read the terms and conditions and then tick the box.

Hit continue.

Option 2

IF you chose option 2 (mix and match), the membership fee should be automatically added to your order.

If not, type in #32000004 Introductory Packet and that will cover it.

Enter your credit card details and choose your shipping cost.

(You'll get your shipping cost back as reward points!)

Hit "Process Order Now" and continue.

That’s it!

You’re done!

Welcome to the family!

Once your payment processes, doTERRA notifies me and I’ll be in touch to officially welcome you and chat about how I can best support you further.

If you don’t receive an email from me within 48 hours, please click here to contact me directly.

It’s unusual but not unheard of for things to fall through the cracks of the internet and I want to make sure you receive all the bonuses that are included when you buy from me.