Why doTERRA?

What made me choose doTERRA over all the other oils?

1. doTERRA essential oils are not only the purist oils you can find they are also the most therapeutic and I have tested them many times using kinesiology and they always test the strongest for the body over any other brand, they have made such a massive difference to my family for our health and wellbeing on both a physical and emotional level

2. They are versatile! There are so many uses for each and every oil in the collection, I can cook with them, clean with them, make my own personal hygiene products and put them into a diffuser to uplift my mood and those around me!

3. The tribe I have found. I used to always think I was the modern day hippy who stood out like a sore thumb in the school yard, I can truly say I have found lifelong friends from all over the world. They get me and my need to ensure no other family goes through what we went through. I have so much support from upline, downline and cross line it truly is AMAZING the friends I have developed!

4. The co-impact sourcing enables the knowledge from across generations of farming communities from some of the poorest parts of the 3rd world to come through so we can enjoy the purest oils on Earth whilst as the same time giving back to these communities through the co-impact sourcing.

5. This company just gives back, they want to make a difference in the world, they want to change the health and wellbeing of the planet, raise money for charities through the healing hands foundation and give so many free oils to the users, sharers and business builders it is a company that encompasses LOVE!

6. Here is a video from doTERRA on why you should choose doTERRA!

7. They have changed my life, I have been able to sell the business that I have owned and run for 7 years but no longer served me. There is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to create a life of financial abundance whether that is by supplementing your income, replacing your income or multiplying your income which ever path you choose to take the opportunity is there for the taking. It does not require any qualifications so what you have done in the past is not a pre requisite all you need is the passion for the oils and your business will take off.

8. Still not convinced have a smell of the oils, use them and if I can not convince you I am 100% sure the oils will.

About Jo

Hi I’m Jo,

A mum of two beautiful children – Erykah 13 and Xavier 10- and I have been married to my soulmate Shami for 16 years. I was born and raised in the North of England in an amazing city called York. I studied my BA (Honours) Degree in Travel and Tourism in the mid 1990’s.

After migrating to Australia in 2003, we started a family and, in 2010, our path to Natural Health in Australia began, through healing our own children.

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